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Supporting SMEs with e-Commerce

For the e-Commerce sector it is highly likely that post-covid, consumers will continue to adopt online shopping as well as click-and-collect as a priority.

Any size company, from small boutique, SME or enterprise is able to offer some form of e-Commerce. Netcomm Suisse Association is willing to contribute to the fight against Covid19 by supporting small and medium sized businesses to take the right steps towards digitalization. From training and education to support selecting implementation partners, we are here to support the community at this difficult moment.

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Why join us?

NetComm Suisse exists to help established and prospective e-Commerce merchants network and grow, learn and gain access to the very best services, training and advice available. It bridges the gap between merchants and digital service providers, providing both with a platform to share ideas and to generate new business.


News and Interviews

Discover what the experts are saying in our interviews and keep up-to-date with all the latest developments in e-commerce.

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Friends of Netcomm

"Netcomm is a very dynamic and cooperative partner with a very strong and qualified network. Both at events where we were guests, as well as in those in which we were actively involved, NetComm has always delivered an expert and positive experience. We are happy to cooperate in the future with Netcomm and the whole team"

Enrique Nuñez ,Marketing Manager.

“Netcomm Suisse has a knack for identifying and grasping topics very early and for bringing together a crowd of relevant peoplewith whom to discuss and share”

Lukas Stuber ,CEO. Dept Digital Marketing AG

“We are proud to be a member of this fast growing comunity and profit from Netcomm Suisse's wide range of activities for the e-Commerce business”

Dominik Weber ,Senior Project Manager e-Commerce.

“We discovered Netcomm Suisse via the Swiss e-Commerce Conference. The professionnal quality of this event motivated us to become members. We can now share ideas, follow trainings and do smart networking within the Swiss e-Commerce ecosystem”

Jérôme Bailly ,Digital Transformation Manager | Business Developer | Communications Advisor.

"We like the extreme passion of the people from Netcomm Suisse and the enthusiasm in doing things and in driving the business. We decided to join to the wonderful growing NetComm Suisse family when we attended some events, seminars and workshops that we found very interesting, well organized and really effective. NetComm Suisse is a very good partner also for lobbying and networking"

Marco Speroni ,Head of Strategy. S'NCE GROUP

“We appreciate the quality of Netcomm Suisse events and the high-level networking the association encourages among leading online and e-Commerce operators”

Stefano Zoia ,CEO. Tinext

“Netcomm Suisse allows us to get in touch with main e-Commerce players in Switzerland and contributes to the knowledge and diffusion of digital marketing ideas and technologies. It is the first to promote digital culture towards businesses and customers”

Veronica Kuchynskaya ,Sales and Business Development DACH.

 “Joining Netcomm Suisse means being part of a dynamic and challenging environment, investing in knowledge, innovation and networking. I am pleased to collaborate with NetComm Suisse for the realization of projects and events on e-Commerce and digital strategy that represent added value and momentum for change for all members”

Marco Di Dio Roccazzella ,Partner - Managing Director, Fashion & Luxury Practice.

“Netcomm Suisse’s team is extremely passionate about their work. Every workshop and event is organized with one unique aim in mind: be useful for its members”

Leonardo Pecchioli ,CEO & Founder. Keros Digital SA

“Netcomm Suisse brings a fresh look into the digital landscape of Switzerland. Research data is only a part of this insight which is enriched by networking and training activities”

Manuel Gamper ,Founder.

“Netcomm Suisse is doing a great job in building and sharing knowledge over Swiss e-Commerce, lobbying to create the best conditions for a bright digital future. They allow members to show their fields of excellence, meeet each other and cooperate in their own interest and that of the Swiss e-Commerce Factor”

Gianni Cattaneo ,Lawyer. CBM Studio Legale e Notarile

"Netcomm Suisse is a very active association and is the ideal environment for developing business in e-commerce thanks to the many networking opportunities and to the international events that it is able to organize"

Mariano Forgione ,CEO. Forcontact Europe SA

"I think Netcomm Suisse is a very good occasion to attend seminars, learn from case studies, make good networking and present our company to a very good audience"

Andrea Verri ,CEO Amilon.

"We've known Netcomm Suisse since the very beginning because we organized its first big events and we appreciate the spirit and the mission of the Association. It is up-to-date and smart and organizes interesting events and seminars. Moreover, useful networking in order to meet international people"

Pietro Rovatti ,Owner.

"Netcomm Suisse is an opportunity for successful networking through partecipation in events (seminars, conferences, etc..) and to increase your target market through knowledge-sharing, market research and successful case studies"

Fabio Regazzoni ,General Manager.

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