DHL Express - Aline Yordikian eCommerce Manager

30 May 2019


Aline is a proven thought leader with ten years of Digital background within corporate and start-up environment at a global level. Advocacy expert with a positive and open mind, natural drive to lead innovative and creative projects, optimising processes and empowering people to deliver outstanding results.


We had the pleasure of sitting down with Aline at the recent L'evenement Connecte event in Geneva after her presentation on DHL Express' transition from your logistics partner to eCommerce Consultant. 




What does your Company do?


DHL is an international courier company headquartered in Germany. I work for the Express division based in Switzerland. We offer state of the art B2C delivery options responding to online consumers’ need setting the trend of “See-now Buy-now” getting delivered in hours instead of days.


Can we talk about your presentation at the recent LEC event in Geneva?


Absolutely! Would be more than happy to discuss my presentation. The topic was eCommerce & Logistics and showing the perfect combination to ensure customer satisfaction. I wanted to demonstrate that logistics should be seen as an integrated pillar inside the eCommerce experience, along with products catalogue and payments solutions. Additionally, to ensure that the customer journey is elevated and maximised with the different tips and tricks we have internally. We don’t position ourselves as a logistics provider, and we like to be seen as an eCommerce partner, simply because we have in-house knowledge of how it works online. We cooperate with several different companies, for business intelligence, e.g., SimilarWeb, we also work with Magento, a third-party vendor for all API integration with eCommerce platforms.


How are you improving the customer journey?


We are currently focusing on the customer journey of our customers, in other words, looking at the B2B2C business model serving our customers’ consumers. The objective is to help them improve their online sales by primarily targeting potential audience outside Switzerland. We have an internal website audit process called the “website health-check” which shows the basics features to have on the home page, e.g., currency converter, international shipment, return policy, shipping pricing strategy, translations, shipping options. We also support API integration to facilitate eRetailers orders. Also, we develop the Click & Collect option, i.e., first & last mile delivery. In Switzerland, we have about 800 service points and globally in the region of 41,000, e.g., drop-off & pick-up at train or gas stations. In the near future, we will focus on global trade services support and Duty & Vat/TAX management.


How is DHL repositioning to focus on being an eCommerce partner?


Our focus is for Swiss-based companies to export the “Swissness” Internationally. This is part of the evolution for DHL express from service provider to e-commerce partner. Most people find logistics a very dull industry - it’s about getting from A to B and not extremely exciting. We are trying to add some glitziness to the way customers, and people view logistics. DHL is building strong relationships with its clients by getting very close to their business. We look at eCommerce across the whole spectrum and consulting our clients on how they can improve sales, customer satisfaction and stay ahead of ever-changing legislation.


Can you talk about innovation in the logistics industry?


The most significant innovation that I have seen at DHL is ADR, Automated Delivery Robots autonomous driving. We have a pilot programme in Tanzania, which is showing how we can deliver to remote areas using ADR. This pilot project has been a great success in Tanzania, using drones to deliver medicines to remote areas, saving days of dangerous cross-country travel and most importantly, saving human’s life. This is ground-breaking and scalable across the whole African continent and elsewhere. Besides that, we recently launched our first regular fully-automated and intelligent urban drone delivery service in China. This milestone will increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness with less energy consumption of last-mile delivery.


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