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The NetComm Suisse Observatory is an international point of reference for information, trends and data about the e-Commerce and digital sectors. It variously commissions, directs and carries out a profound breadth of qualitative and quantitative research about online shopping in Switzerland and globally.

As part of its work, the Observatory also conducts Executive Workshops, bringing together leading figures from brands, retailers, manufacturers and investors to discuss and evaluate emerging data and trends from the digital world and to formulate best-practices for the future development of the sector.

Executive workshops

Executive Workshops are an invitation-only, knowledge sharing platform offered by the Netcomm Suisse Observatory. Each workshop involves around 10-15 executives and managers from top brands and retailers, affording them the chance to share experience and explore new data on implementing digital strategies and tools.


To download or purchase all reports and studies by Netcomm Suisse Observatory (free for members) please visit our online portal.

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The NetComm Suisse Observatory aims to understand inclinations towards online shopping, such as preferred payment methods, delivery times and how much people are spending, as well as areas of potential development and emerging trends.

We are always open to new research ideas from the community. If you have such a project in mind, contact us today and we will be glad to evaluate it seriously.


The NetComm Suisse Observatory applies rigorous methodology to generate concrete data that will enable decision makers to deploy the smartest strategies. We design research to be as clear as possible, working with partners with proven backgrounds in data collection and analysis at international level. Research may involve surveys requiring cases defined on socio-demographic levels using analysis from the leading sources of official statistics, helping us to make international comparisons as well as specific, national comparisons among the Swiss cantons.


Study results are available for free to NetComm Suisse Associates, ensuring you are always on top of the fast-changing trends in the e-Commerce world.

With international-scale research partners behind us, as well as an extensive network, The NetComm Suisse Observatory can guarantee greater accuracy and reliability in its results which translate into concrete benefits for all our members. These advantages are set to increase dramatically as we move to introduce a range of innovative ways to gather statistics in real time.

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