Swissbilling - Chief Sales Officer Francesco D'Alessandro

23 May 2019


Swissbilling AG was founded in 2011 and has developed Switzerland's first invoice purchasing solution, which can be integrated into POS as well as for all possible online shop systems. Since then, business and private customers have been profiting enormously from the purchase on account/installment purchase with swissbilling and are always praising us for the simple and efficient system.

The focus of our solutions is always the bill itself, which we call our star. We also rely on outstanding customer service in multiple languages ​​and free our business customers from any risks associated with buying on the account and possible payment defaults. In these cases, we meet the consumers in a courteous and sensitive way. That's what we mean by a holistic service on both sides. Many well-known dealers and shops from Switzerland and all over Europe trust us.

swissbilling is a Swiss corporation headquartered in Renens and a wholly owned subsidiary of Cembra Money Bank AG.



Swissbilling, founded in 2011, is a company providing a secure, simple payment solution for online merchants and bricks-and-mortar retail stores. Switzerland is unique when it comes to payment methods. Traditionally, Swiss consumers have favored paying via invoices. We wanted to sit down with Swissbilling to discuss if they have noticed any changes in payment preferences and how they stay ahead of the trends.

Francesco explains: “In Switzerland, it is crucial that you make the option of payment via invoice available. According to VSV/Gfk studies, between 70–80 percent of Swiss consumers prefer paying for their goods via invoices. Our own experience supports these numbers as well. It is the way payment works in Switzerland, and we embrace and love it.” Swissbilling has been at the forefront of secure payment methods for online shops and merchants and prides itself on always staying ahead of the trends.

The company is constantly looking for new solutions for its merchants. Since being acquired by Cembra Bank Money in 2017, Swissbilling has had access to a more significant sales force as well as the opportunity to build closer relationships with merchants and build better solutions for its customers. The online solution is still Swissbilling’s core business, but since March 2018 Swissbilling also offers an offline solution for invoice financing called PayPoint Printer.

PayPoint Printer gives the merchant more control of the invoice procedure. The software works with the merchant’s CRM. The merchant can simply install a print driver, and all selected invoices get sent to the Swissbilling system within seconds. Credit checks are done right away, the customer receives the goods without delay, and the merchant is paid within 48 hours.

Francesco explains: “The customer receives the product immediately from the merchant and the invoice from Swissbilling after 3-5 days. The additional benefit for the customer is that he or she also has the option to pay the invoice amount in three installments within three months. This represents a definite advantage for big-ticket purchases, like furniture or a TV. The solution is offered at the time of purchase in a straightforward manner. If the customer chooses to pay in installments, a 2% surcharge is added to the invoice amount.”

Swissbilling is one of the first companies to offer invoice payment solutions in Switzerland. They pride themselves on building strong relationships and ensuring that there is no delay in the service that merchants provide to their customers – uncomplicated, simple, reasonable solutions and most important of all RELIABLE.



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