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08 June 2020


On 28 May, Netcomm Suisse organized its 3rd digital meetup,
an initiative that aims to build connections between the association’s members. For this edition, we had the pleasure of introducing Gabriele Borga, founder and CEO of the Ticino-based job platform Jobtome, who shared his entrepreneurial experience and some insights into the development of the company during Covid-19.


Jobtome was founded in 2013 in Italy. Initially, the company was called Subito Job, a name which evolved thanks to the international ambitions of the company and to make everyone aware that the company’s growth lies on international markets. 

The company moved to Chiasso in Switzerland in 2014. Today, it is located in Stabio with an office following the role model of Google in order to offer the team the best possible workplace experience. The company today is active with domains in 35 countries and has 50 team members. Jobtome enjoys a YoY-growth of around 40%.

Covid-19 confronted the company with an unexpected scenario, however thanks to a great effort made by the whole team, Jobtome was able to turn the challenge into an opportunity - led by quick reactions, critical thinking, and courage.

In terms of hiring the right people for Jobtome, Gabriele highlighted the importance of remote working/smart working, all while emphasizing that an office is key for building up a company culture. In the end, finding the right people that fit culturally and translate their abilities into performance is perhaps the most important challenge.

If you want to discover more about Jotome, visit their corporate website:


After this introduction, Benedikt from the Netcomm Suisse Observatory presented some insights from the Observatory’s latest studies on the impact of Covid-19 in Swiss e-Commerce. As Swiss people were facing social and economic restrictions in order to diminish the spread of the virus, internet usage in general saw a steep increase. Furthermore, Swiss people seem to be buying more frequently online. While average expenditure has not necessarily increased during the Covid-19 period, there have been a great deal of new consumers trying out online shopping.

In the future, consumers indicate that they will become even more conscious and will increasingly focus on products and services from smaller local businesses.

Learn more about the impact of Covid-19 on Swiss e-Commerce and visit our Observatory portal:

We would like to thank all of our members for attending our digital meetup and especially Gabriele Borga for sharing his personal experiences.

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The members that have joined us:

  • Diacron Group

  • UBS Switzerland

  • Hyphen Italia

  • 3D AG

  • Yocabé

  • International Brand Consulting

  • Intarget

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