Fashion industry webinar ep 3 summary: dealing with Covid-19

26 June 2020

The time for 3D and digital fashion is NOW

Although it’s been some years since the 3D technology has been developed, fashion as an industry was not so eager to ride this new wave. Why? There are plenty of reasons, like costs, not good enough technological developments, hiring specifically skilled people who are scarce and mindsets that are difficult to change. 

But, during the lockdown it was possible to create and see prototypes from home only with the help of 3D tools. COVID-19 has accelerated and increased the requests for such tools, and they are here to stay and further develop. 

In our 3rd episode of the Fashion Webinar Series we discussed all these with 

Benefits of using  3D in fashion

  • 3D speeds up the process in the pattern makers department

  • 3D improves communication in the company, and collaboration between different departments and offices 

  • 3D improves external communication

  • With 3D tools you can produce photos without calling photographers or models, even before having the real product you can start the selling campaign 

  • 3D helps become more sustainable: you can decide whether to produce it or not based on demand, there is no material waste, no travelling involved (It is estimated that $6-8 billion is spent on physical samples in the fashion industry every year (Optitex, 2019))

  • 3D helps get closer to your consumers, understand their needs,  customize by customer demand


Investing in digital is no longer a choice and it is about how well and fast the brands adapt to changes.

“If 6-7 years ago 1 hour was needed to create a t-shirt, now a t-shirt can be ready in 2-3 minutes with the help of 3D tools” says Alberto Rossatto.


Teddy Spa, one of the leading Italian companies in the fast fashion industry develops in-house teams that work with 3D. Dino di Gennaro, their pattern maker, has started his career 30 years ago and used paper, scissors and fabrics and in time evolved to 2D programs. Trying 3D out made sense and it made everything even more easy. 

3D is the best solution to avoid misunderstanding and mistakes, to be able to create a clear final image of the initial ideas. 3D can start from the beginning of the product to the heart of our customers!” Dino di Gennaro


3d avatar terranova

3D fashion designers wanted

A 3D fashion designer needs some knowledge in the field of fashion, but other competences are also needed by companies who are now looking to hire them:

Using the Clo 3D software, 3D Modelling, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Base Modelling, Rendering and good English skills.        

With these competences a 3D fashion designer can work in the field of clothing or accessories design, check the garment fit with a virtual dummy, create the colour card, model and print 3D accessories, operate in communication office making pictures, photo editing, virtual fashion shows, or rendering shops.

ITS Machina Lonati is one of the Institutions teaching their students to use Clo3D since 2017, and are preparing a full 2 years long specialization as 3D Fashion designer starting October 2020. 


Future gazing 

“3D photos will replace real photos and every real model will have a digital copy and brands will pay to use them. Augmented reality and virtual reality are good technologies to show products but you need the 3D model. These avatars are completely 3D and garments are made with 3D software.” Alberto Rossatto.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording. For those of you who were with us, thank you and see you next time!

We will soon announce another episode focusing on 3D.

Stay tuned!

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