CRIF, the market-leading provider of business information, operates the largest information pool in Switzerland and assists mail-order companies and webshop-operators to manage payment methods, carry out identification and credit-worthiness checks and actively prevent fraud.

Payment management and credit checking
CRIF optimizes application processes with standardised or customer-specific, manual or automated solutions. The real-time assessment of the probability of default gives webshop-operators the best possible control over payments. Webshop-operators can design application processes efficiently and increase the revenue substantially with the easy, automated and fast access to credit worthiness and business information on private individuals and businesses in the DACH-area.

Fraud prevention
Conventional fraud-prevention solutions focus on individual customer data. These checks are ineffective in event of identity theft, compromised devices used by visitors or hacker attacks. Device Ident analyses and compares visitors’ devices with the global device-pool, independently of personal information, enables to react immediately and consequently provides effective protection against all types of fraud.

As an extension to Device Ident, Fraud Prevention Outsourcing provides extremely efficient support for routine tasks. It links and interprets various items of real-time information automatically, enabling to identify and stop transactions suspected of fraud very easily on the basis of verifiable analyses, before they become a threat to business.

As a partner in the management of addresses and risk, CRIF offers a wide range of effective solutions. The possibility to integrate the products directly into webshops and extend them module by module to create an overall solution ensures a simple and efficient usage.

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"NetComm Suisse is a very good platform for e-Commerce information, events and networking for CRIF. The cooperation with NetComm Suisse is very uncomplicated and beneficial."


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