LIVE INTERVIEW: The yoyo effect of co-working

An interview with Davide Dattoli, founder and CEO of Talent Garden


10 June 2020


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Live interview


Wedn, Jun 10

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Smart working has become the buzzword of the moment during the Covid crisis, with all of us learning to video-conference and balance home and work lives as never before. Questions remain, however. Is home-working and video conferencing really "smart"? Will it continue after the crisis fades? And are there smarter(!) solutions available to workers who are contemplating a return to the office in the near future?

We discuss all this and more with Davide Dattoli, founder and CEO of Talent Garden, during a live-stream interview. Topics also include the role of co-working spaces and business incubators in fostering digital transformation, how office space is being redefined thanks to changing business needs and how innovation can help companies, and people, grow. Don't miss the live-streamed interview: free to watch upon registration, below.

Who is Davide Dattoli?

Davide Dattoli is founder and CEO of Talent Garden, Europe's leading platform for digital tech business community. Talent Garden network provides coworking spaces, future skills education and various innovation projects and activities in 23 campuses across 8 countries. The ultimate mission is to build a physical platform for digital humankind by creating local, vibrant campuses that empower digital tech communities and connect them globally.

Today Talent Garden is counting 3.500 members, training 3.000 professionals and students and hosting over 40.000 attendees at the events every year. Davide is a selected member of a global Endeavor Entrepreneurs movement. He holds Forbes 30 Under 30 list, WIRED nomination as one of the TOP 5 innovators in Italy. Davide is also a board member of the largest Italian venture incubator Digital Magics and Be, the leading listed pan-European consulting and ICT provider for companies within the financial service sector. Prior to founding Talent Garden, he was working on digital strategies at Conde Nast and was consulting a dozen of international companies on digitalization. Meanwhile running businesses, he’s studying (but not finish) Economic and Finance at International School LIUC in Milan & some executive course at Stanford University and Harvard Business school.


  • WHY:
    Learn how co-working communities are responding to the crisis and what to expect from the future. Topics include:
    • - Coworking during the pandemic and the health-first trend
    • - Co-working and smartworking
    • - The future of coworking and the post-Covid revolution
    • - Online networking and communities: from traditional to digital
    • - Covid-19 as a booster for companies
    • - Education at the hearth of coworking communities

  • WHAT:
    An interview with Davide Dattoli, founder and CEO of Talent Garden

  • WHERE:
    On the Netcomm Suisse Livestream

  • WHEN:
    Wednesday 10 June, 12:00

  • HOW:
    To watch the interview, register now using the form.

About Talent Garden

Talent Garden is Europe’s leading innovation platform and coworking network for the digital and tech professionals.

Founded in Italy in 2011, Talent Garden currently has 26 campuses in 8 countries (Albania, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Spain) hosting thousands of talented people, including startups, freelancers, SMEs, and large corporations.

Talent Garden mission is to create local, vibrant, globally-connected campuses that empower digital and tech communities.

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