e-Commerce Workshop & Fondue

This boutique event, held on 10th March in Zurich, offers an afternoon of invitation-only workshops on the topic of e-Commerce and internationalisation. Hosted in the offices of a NetComm Suisse Associate, Rackspace, the day will come to an archetypically Swiss close with a soirée of fondue and raclette.

Our expert speakers will discuss:

  • Logistics issues in cross-border e-Commerce
  • The usability of international websites
  • Fiscal and legal issues in e-Commerce
  • Technological issues in internationalisation
  • The future of e-Commerce

The global trend for online shopping is constantly heading upwards with savvy consumers looking beyond their national borders to find the right product. The level of potential foreign consumers interested in buying from Switzerland is high, particularly from Germany, France and the USA. The “Swiss factor” and its reputation for high quality products, reliability, efficient logistics and payment security means the sky really is the limit for Swiss e-Commerce. Internationalisation does however come with its own set of challenges, from logistics to website usability, and fiscal and technological issues. This event will touch on all of these points and conclude with a look towards the future of e-Commerce.

NetComm Suisse Associate Rackspace, is an open cloud company providing managed and hybrid hosting.


10 March 2016

14:00 - 23:00

Zurich - Switzerland
Rackspace International GmbH - Pfingstweidstrasse 60, 8005 Zürich

Admission reserved only to guests invited by the sponsors


14:00 / 14:20

Official welcome speeches

Alessandro Marrarosa, President @ NetComm Suisse Association

Claudia Patocchi, Head Product Management Team e-Commerce / Swiss Post, Asendia Switzerland

14:20 / 15:00

Research data presentation: The Swiss e-Commerce Factor in International Sales and Deliveries (click for more info)

The present analysis, sponsored by the Swiss Post, is focused on the potential of Switzerland in e-Commerce, providing a fundamental contribution to understand the attractivity and values that our country can convey to international market.

The Swiss e-commerce factor, unveiled by this analysis, is now measured in 5 different European countries – Germany, UK, Italy, France and Spain – and in 4 extra-European selected markets: Shanghai, Guangzhou, New York and Los Angeles.


Carlo Terreni, President @ NetComm Suisse Association

15:00 / 15:30

Coffee break

15:30 / 16:15

Workshop: Digital marketing to sell internationally

Sponsored by Yourposition, this workshop will discuss the digital marketing strategies for international websites and ways to reach more customers, wherever they may be from.

The workshop is sponsored by Yourposition

16:15 / 17:00

Workshop: How to solve legal issues in e-Commerce

Legal experts will identify and discuss the most common issues related to law in e-Commerce.

This workshop is sponsored by BR Legal. 

Lukas Bühlmann, Attorney at Law & Owner

17:00 / 17:30

Coffee break

17:30 / 18:15

Workshop: Technological e-Commerce issues for international sales

This workshop, sponsored by Rackspace, will focus on scalability and IT services for e-Commerce.

Harald Viehweger, Director Corporate Development

18:15 / 23:00

Networking fondue and raclette


Claudia Patocchi

Head Product Management Team e-Commerce

Swiss Post, Asendia Switzerland
Lukas Bühlmann

Attorney at Law & Owner

Carlo Terreni

President @ NetComm Suisse Association

Alessandro Marrarosa

President @ NetComm Suisse Association

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