WEBINAR: Fashion industry: dealing with Covid-19 ep.2

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09 June 2020

4:00 pm

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4:00 pm

Tue, June 09

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People and brands are facing a lot of uncertainties because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fashion is an industry that got hit most and that needs to make a lot of changes in order to adapt. 

Are brands that are born online, aka Digitally Native Vertical Brands better equipped to face the changes we go through? 

We will ask our guests from T-Bô, the first Bodywear Brand that co-creates its product with its community and AMARO, Latin-Americas largest women brand that uses data to streamline their online operations.

How were they impacted, how are they responding and what can we learn from them? 


  • How did the behaviours of the consumers change?
  • How does the community help in the time of crisis?
  • Reaching new consumers in different cultures and timezones
  • How to mix Omnichannel and guided stores in the DNVB mix
  • Using technology in an emerging market
  • Are trends passe or will we witness new trends in the way brands engage with consumers?




Lodovico Brioschi

Lodovico Brioschi - Co-founder and COO/CFO of AMARO

AMARO is Latin America’s largest digitally native vertical fashion brand. Lodovico is a Swiss-Native, from Ticino, who moved to Brazil and from the headquarter in São Paulo, he overlooks a team of over 400 digital innovators.Founded in 2012, AMARO sells the latest trends at fair prices both online and via 16 digitally immersive brick-and-mortar Guide Shops. AMARO is a prime example of an e-commerce enterprise using technology to its advantage in an emerging market. 


Roy bernheim

Roy Bernheim - Co-founder T-Bô

T-Bô is the first Bodywear Brand that co-creates its product with its community. T-Bô was founded by two Swiss-native young entrepreneurs Allan Perrottet and Roy Bernheim in a drive to create bodywear that was fit for the modern-day man. Before co-founding T-Bô, Roy headed the own-brands division of a large distribution company in Asia-Pacific. Prior to this, he gained valuable experience in Venture Acceleration.

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