The NetComm Suisse Association is committed to sound, democratic business management with a strong belief in the transparency and fairness of its operations.

Day-to-day business is managed by the Operations team, under the guidance of General Director Carlo Terreni.

The Association as a whole is overseen by the President, the General Assembly and the Advisory Board (elsewhere referred to as the Executive Committee), while drawing on the deep and broad expertise of several Working Groups as it pursues its aims. Information about each of these structures is given below.


The General Assembly is the supreme governing body and owner of the Association.

The Ordinary General Assembly is held once per year, generally on the third Friday of each May, or else within the first 4 months of the calendar year. General Meetings are coordinated and moderated by one or more Members of the Board. Its role is, substantially, to:

i. Discuss and vote upon Board Resolutions and other Strategic Decisions

ii. Discuss and evaluate any issues or proposals presented by members

iii. Determine any changes to membership/fees structure/Articles of Association

iv. Discuss financial statements and auditor reports

v. Discuss and vote upon membership admissions/exclusions

Voting is carried out by show of hands, generally requiring a 3/4 agreement among members and with the approval of 2/3 Founder Members.


The President of NetComm Suisse Association sits ex officio in an advisory capacity on the Board. The role of the President is to interpret Board decisions, strategically direct the content of the General Assembly agenda, as well as to represent the Association externally and support the work of the General Director.


Presidents of NetComm Suisse Association
2012 - 2017   Alessandro Marrarosa (Founder member)
2017 – date  Carlo Terreni (Founder member)

ADVISORY BOARD (The Executive Committee)

The Advisory Board (elsewhere referred to as the Executive Committee) is the executive body of the Association. It is composed of the Founding Members as well as additional Members elected by the General Assembly.

The Advisory Board manages, coordinates and puts into operation the activities of the Association as well as overseeing the successful management of the Association by the Operations team. The Board is also responsible for:

-planning the General Assembly, the agenda and communicating details of the agenda to members

-Shaping the evolution of the Association

-Defining the organization and appointing a chair

-Constituting the Working Groups and electing the members and Chair

Members of the Board have a term of office lasting 5 years. Founder Members on the Board are automatically eligible for re-election, while additional members remain eligible for re-election after 5 years, but not automatically.


Currently sitting Board Members are:

-Carlo Terreni (Founder member)

-Serse Bonvini (Founder member)

-Philippe Lucet (Board member)

-Simon Amstutz (Board member)


The NetComm Suisse Association Statute and Articles of Association are available here

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