TEMERA Srl was founded in 2009 in Italy, Florence.
Temera was born from Arcangelo D’Onofrio and Francesco Pieri’s desire to create a centre of excellence, supporting businesses through the development of applications and innovative technologies. The services they provide are mainly aimed at the fields of fashion and luxury, in response to a strong need to resolve issues related to the simplification of the logistics business and production processes, anti-counterfeiting, and to various types of end-customer market analysis.
Today, the company continues to be marked out by the appropriateness and foresight of the services it offers. The company aims to establish long-term business relationships, built on the basis of values such as fairness, transparency, ethical management of human resources, and continuous and consistent training of collaborators.
We Project, Build, Source and Implement technological solutions which are innovative, and easy to be integrated.
A typical TEMERA project:
- Covers Business processes from manufacturing to consumers; from automation to grey-market control, from samples management to Omni-channeling solutions;
- Could be a “simple” consulting and feasibility study;
- Includes an RFId hardware study, design, sourcing, installation, configuration and management;
- Includes sometimes third party software.
TEMERA is a niche player with very specific knowledge and competencies in fashion and luxury business.
TEMERA with offices in Florence, Milan, London is located where several fashion and luxury brands have their operations and/or logistics.
TEMERA is, by far, the company that implemented successfully the higher number of fashion and luxury RFId projects. More than 25 projects have been implemented between 2009 and 2014
TEMERA has an internal team of software developers who started to study RFId at University and who are now developing TEMERA’s middleware solutions.
TEMERA senior management sums up 80 years of experience in fashion and luxury and have a solid record in terms of being able to deliver successful projects.
TEMERA’s success is based on the team’s mix of experience, know how, technological competencies. TEMERA is a leader in its Industry, more than 20 projects have been successfully implemented. At least 70% of the projects include RFId components (UHF and/or NFC), while the remaining 30% are “customer experience”. 100% of projects has been delivered to fashion & luxury companies.
TEMERA has today 35 employees, including an internal digital / graphical team. From its start, TEMERA is growing year-on-year at a 35% rate.

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