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25 January 2019

Carlo Terreni is the new President of NetCOMM Suisse

The first and leading Swiss Association of e-Commerce elects a new leader at a time of seismic digital transformation in the retail sector.  

25th January 25, 2019, Lugano, Switzerland

Mr Carlo Terreni was nominated and officially elected the new President of NetCOMM Suisse at the association’s Annual Meeting held on November 21st 2018 in the Trafo Centre in Baden, Switzerland. Mr. Terreni will be taking the reins from the highly-respected Mr. Alessandro Marrarosa, who has presided over the association since its inception in 2012 and who remains a Founding Member alongside Mr. Terreni and Mr. Serse Bonvini. It was thanks to Mr. Marrarosa’s efforts and insight that the Association grew from simple beginnings to the world player it is today in just 7 years. The role of General Director will continue to be held by Mr. Terreni.

With the new President at its helm, the Swiss association of e-Commerce will continue to support members as they innovate, or e-nnovate, to meet new and increasingly challenging consumer demands. It is the view of Mr. Terreni that “traditional” e-Commerce has become the norm; almost every business operating locally and internationally is selling online and the market is at a very mature stage, especially in Switzerland, home of the Association. To stay competitive, the focus must be on innovative technologies and new business models. The future of e-Commerce is set to look radically different by 2022 with a myriad of paths available to achieve the goal of a total digital transformation, a crucial threshold dictated by the emerging economic and social context.

The NetCOMM Suisse Association has grown exponentially over the past years, fulfilling its mission to support the interests of e-Commerce and digital companies, contribute to the knowledge and diffusion of e-Commerce and related themes and above all to bring down the barriers that limit the development of the sector. Through activities as diverse as lobbying, legal and fiscal support, training and research, the organization has worked to build a stronger e-Commerce environment in Switzerland and beyond to enable sustainable growth across the industry...

As Founding Member and General Director, Mr Terreni has played a pivotal role in the success of the association. He has driven what have become must-attend events in the Swiss digital calendar, including E-nnovation Week and Fashion Innovation Week, attracting thousands of attendees, as well as the E-nnovation Award and Fashion Innovation Award, designed to enable, and then capitalize upon, synergies between scale-up companies, investors and leading brands. Numerous networking events, training opportunities and insightful reports have also come to fruition under the aegis of Mr. Terreni, providing priceless support to NetCOMM Suisse Association members.

Mr Terreni’s entrepreneurial spirit is also on show in the Fashion Digital Lab, of which he is Co-creator. The initiative aims to create a physical space where fashion brands and innovators can mingle to promote the conception and realization of innovation in a supportive environment. His previous experiences as Co-founder at Marte Digital Academy in Milan and Consultant and Account Manager at leading digital experience agency, Tinext, have provided him with skills and acumen which are prerequisite for success. 

Regarding his appointment, Mr. Terreni said: “I am delighted to have been elected President of NetCOMM Suisse, which I helped found in 2012. During my time at the association as General Director, I have been committed to implementing concrete actions that offer true value to our members an, further, actions which benefit the wider industry in Switzerland as well as consumers. I am looking forward, in my new role, to continuing to support brands and suppliers as they fully embrace e-nnovation and new business models. This is an exciting time to be in e-Commerce and I am ready to start harnessing creativity and defining the radical future that awaits.”

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