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10 February 2020

On 6 February 2020, the Netcomm Suisse Observatory run its first workshop for the new year. During the discussions, the participants were sharing best practices for marketing automation initiatives. Case studies from STMicroelectronics and Philip Morris, as well as a presentation from our sponsor Diennea, set the floor for a highly interactive afternoon of knowledge sharing. The workshop was attended by a group of 21 marketing professionals from the Geneva area.

In the week before the workshop, the Observatory team conducted a short survey with the participant for identifying priorities, challenges and best practices of marketing automation initiatives. The survey results built the floor for the following discussion. The survey revealed some interesting insights:


  • The participants see increased efficiency through saving resources as the main benefit, followed by the possibility of attracting new clients and more productive teams

  • Email is the most-used channel for automation, others use also web, social and customer service. Participants from B2B companies are exclusively automating on Emails

  • Creating human-like experiences and driving engagement on automated content represent the main challenges


On the afternoon’s agenda, we had three presentations sharing real-world experiences with marketing automation initiatives:


  • Alessandra Veronesi, International Marketing Manager at our sponsor Diennea highlighted a few client projects that the company worked on. Each featured project followed a different purpose: identifying and converting the hottest leads, optimizing stored information and perfecting contact management, generating a loyalty program for B2B clients. Alessandra highlighted that data is the main asset and that the examination of the whole journey is needed for creating a superior customer experience.

  • Christine Romand-Charnay, Marketing Automation Manager at our host STMicroelectronics spoke about the generation of marketing qualified leads. STM is applying automation currently on emails. Based on their software downloads, users are assigned to different newsletters delivering different content. Through content interactions, the leads are being qualified. 

  • Kathryn Parsons, Director of SEO at Philip Morris International shared her experience on what opportunities automation is bringing in search and what might limit its potential. In general, automation in SEO needs to be handled with care in order to avoid that things get out of control. As best practice, she highlighted the importance of having a plan, to always build and test as you can never purely relate on analytics, and to always validate.


We would like to thank all the workshop participants for taking part and all the speakers for dedicating their time and openness for sharing their experiences.

We would especially like to thank our sponsor Diennea for their well-appreciated support and STMicroelectronics for hosting us!


If you are interested in our upcoming executive workshops, please contact our Observatory team.

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