E-nnovation is the new black

26 July 2018

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction”, A.Einstein

We’d like to begin with a thank you to all of our members and supporters for making the first half of 2018 one of collaborative success. As the leading non-profit association and voice in e-commerce and innovation in Switzerland, we have taken great strides forward in the past 6 months: pushing the agenda for more immersive educational events, setting up more inclusive and diverse forums for integration, and lobbying for better access to research and development within the field of digital and e-commerce innovation.

Our Fashion Innovation Week was attended by over 1,000 delegates, with 100 speakers all sharing best practise and knowledge from the very heart of the fashion industry leaders. Our Ladies in eCommerce and internationalization in e-commerce events were not only a true testament to some of the phenomenal talent within the industry here in Switzerland, but inspiring, energising and thought provoking for all. Finally, and possibly one of our proudest achievements, was launching the Netcomm Suisse Observatory, our research and insights arm focused on the Swiss e-commerce ecosystem.

As we enter the second half of 2018, we remain focused on raising the bar. The second half of the year will see an organisational restructure and investment here at Netcomm, with a larger, expert dedicated team you can look forward to new engaging content and the delivery of bigger better events from us. We hope to see you at our forthcoming E-luxury summit and our much anticipated E-nnovation week, where E-ommerce meets Innovation.  As always, we want to hear from you, so please take the time to let us know your feedback via info@netcommsuisse.ch





March 22nd saw the launch of Fashion Innovation Week, Lugano, an event which saw over 1,000 participants from across the globe in attendance.

The opening remarks by Alessenadro Marrarosa, president of NetComm Suisse Association “We are uniting leaders in the digital and fashion sectors in one mission”. That mission “to make Lugano the European hub for digital innovation for the Fashion industry.”

This message was echoed by Marco Borradori, The Mayor of Lugano who welcomed all attendees to the city of Lugano for this event.

The event saw industry professionals and academics alike take the stage to share insights and observations on the upcoming changes in the industry. It was a true meeting of the minds for the fashion industry at large.



2018 has been coined the year of the woman, and here in Switzerland e-commerce it is certainly true. We want to push for parity and provide a platform to the phenomenal talent residing here.

The event saw over 100 women gather together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of having a successful career in eCommerce and Digital in Switzerland was a big success...Learn more



This event took place in Zurich on the 21st June and was organised by Asendia in collaboration with Google, Switzerland Global Enterprise and NetComm Suisse.

With over 100 experts in attendance, the discussion cantered on how Swiss business can WIN in the international marketplace. Key outcomes have been published with our full report publishing in September 2018.



The Netcomm Suisse Observatory is the point of reference in Switzerland when it comes to research and insights on the Swiss e-commerce ecosystem. The Observatory regularly publishes research and studies on the latest e-commerce and digital technology trends as well as in-depth custom studies on behalf of associates and sponsors.

As part of the Observatory, we also launched a lobbying initiative for the industry around institutional tightening of regulation with the Federal Office of Justice, SECO and politicians. Learn more

Still to come….



This event will showcase how the luxury industry is embracing digital technology to meet the requirements of High Net Worth Individuals ever demanding lifestyles.

Come and meet the team at the Ritz Carlton hotel Geneva .

For more information please click HERE

E-nnovation Week

E-nnovation week; 5 days of immersive ecommerce innovation by NetComm Suisse in partnership in DAGORA.

With an increasing number of businesses across Switzerland focusing their investments on their highest yielding channels, namely in their E-commerce and Digital teams, the question emerges- how can they innovate?

Carlo Terreni, General Director, NetComm Suisse

“Our mission at NetComm Suisse is to provide support for all companies with their digital evolution and to strive for excellence in e-commerce".

We provide services that help SME’s understand the benefits of e-commerce and support them in navigating their digital journeys to grow their businesses.  We also support larger multi-national companies to adapt and remain agile when it comes to innovation, lobbying on their behalf to stimulate investments from national and international enterprises, thus reducing the barriers for growth. Through our Observatory, our research arm, we are able to conduct studies and incubator projects, allowing us to share more industry knowledge, insght and white papers.

When developing our e-commerce event, on 19-23rd November in Baden, the focus was on how we can add value for our associates. What are the next challenges they will face?

The eureka moment was realising that the sweet spot is where innovation and e-commerce collide-. Introducing E-nnovation week- our new 5 day event:

  • Day 1 Growth Day, dedicated to promoting parity for women in Digital and eCommerce, the exporting and importing landscape, and the NetComm Susisse General assembly
  • Day 2 New Commerce Forum
  • Day 3 Start-up’s focus
  • Day 4 Talent Day
  • Day 5 Swiss Black Friday

To register your interest and receive more information sign up for the NetComm Suisse newsletter.

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