Dutch Entrepreneurs seduced by Ticino’s LifestyleTech Hub on St Valentine's Day

14 February 2020

Switzerland: Lugano - Amsterdam 14th February 2020

Today Carlo Terreni alongside Netcomm Suisse members, KilPatrick Digital and PMConsulting, presented the opportunity to invest in the Ticino Lugano LifestyleTech space to 12 top Dutch entrepreneurs and managers.

Carlo Terreni, President of Netcomm Suisse, used the opportunity of a visit to Amsterdam to present the Ticino Fashion Valley and the fast development of an ICT cluster specialized in digital transformation of brands and retailers.

Mr. Terreni explained that our Canton is the EMEA head quarters of over 80 fashion brands, including the likes of Timberland, Hugo Boss, Guess, Zegna and that tech companies such as Board International, Accenture and Microsoft are investing significantly in R&D the area.

Dutch entrepreneurs and managers had the unique chance to join the Dagorà Innovation Hub and gain access to:

  • R&D projects with local universities
  • Labs
  • Open Innovation Projects

Jaap Hoekstra, Global CEO of Kilpatrick International, a head hunting firm with over 18 offices around the world and an HQ in Lugano, presented his personal Swiss-Dutch entrepreneurship story highlighting the benefits of operating an international business from Ticino's renowned LifestyleTech Valley

“Swiss precision, Italian creativity and an AngloSaxon approach makes Lugano the place to be to do business" he said."As a matter of fact, Ticino offers unparalleled access to local human capital markets and a series of assets which can help attract and retain the best in class international talents.”

Marco Martini, from PMConsulenze, a national trust company specialied in Tax advisory, transfer pricing and accounting, instead illustrated the new fiscal reform which came into effect on January 1, 2020, which gives forward-thinking firms several benefits, including:

  • Reductions of city-level taxation from 20.6% on profits to approximally 14.5/15% in 5 years
  • Generous deductions for R&D activities
  • Tax relief on Cantonal and Municipal taxes of up to 90% based on net income generated by non-tangible assets - Patent Box

He went into detail on the ramifications of these factors, saying, “Since October 2019, Switzerland is out of the OCSE grey list, and so businesses in Switzerland are considered wholly transparent. The favorable fiscal regime combined with the R&D incentives will further stimulate the growth of an ICT Innovative cluster that will support the economic development of our Canton”

Will Dutch entrepreneurs invest in Ticino?

According to Carlo Terreni, “Dutch multinationals are attracted by Swss R&D incentives; Dutch investors are attracted by Swiss ICT entrepreneurs and its famously stable economic enviroment; Dutch service providers are attracted by Ticino-based Fashion Brands’s ICT Investments, and I am absolutely convinced that companies from Amsterdam, as many others from all over the world, will decide to invest in LifetsyleTech In Ticino over the next year. Most of the people we met today will come to see first hand the FashionTech Ticino Valley during the Fashion Innovation Week, organized by Netcomm Suisse, next 30th of March and from there, surrounded by leading businesses of all kinds, it'll be a very difficult opportunity to turn away from!”

We hope that Saint Valentine brings the love to this incredible synergy of minds that is blossoming between the Swiss and Dutch FashionTech worlds.

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