e-Commerce Fashion Mission to Russia

Join us on our fashion mission to Russia. This week long trip to Moscow will equip you with the tools and information required to grow your fashion e-commerce business in the important Russian market.

The trip will primarily focus on the following topics:

* how e-commerce businesses work in Russia

* using cross-border tools to improve sales with Russia

* understanding the Russian market and consumers



08 July 2019 - 12 July 2018


With its 30 million online shoppers (compared to 4 million in Switzerland), Russia’s e-Commerce market is huge and offers boundless potential to e-Commerce operators. According to a report by Ecommerce News, in spite of the recent Rouble crisis, the Russian e-Commerce sector is in rude health with the domestic market worth 7.6 billion CHF and cross-border worth 1.1 billion CHF. Accounting for just 2% of the domestic market, e-commerce makes Russia an opportunity not to be missed on the international e-Commerce scene.

Recent changes to the Russian legislative environment will have an impact on the e-Commerce sector and so one of the goals of the fashion mission to Russia is to understand and address any issues arising from these changes to ensure a smoother ride for Swiss and international fashion brands.

The rich and varied programme includes a day of talks and networking at HSE University, presentations on various initiatives to promote Swiss business in Russia and attendance at the Retail Business Russia event. Attendees will also dine in Red Square and at the Swiss Embassy and there will even be time to soak up some culture.

Designed to accommodate the needs of brands working with the Russian market, this trip provides the latest in-depth information about e-Commerce in Russia and puts fashion firms in contact with relevant Russian players.

This event is organised in collaboration with BBCG and includes entrance to the BBCG conference.

12.15 16.40 Fly To Moscow
19.30 21.00 Dinner in Red Square + potential night out

Tuesday University HSE
10.00 12.30 Official welcome and presentation from University DataInsight.ru of eCommerce in Russia Trends and perspectives ValueLab Presentation: CrossBorder or Direct Sales? Case study - from 1/2 brands manager eCommerce managers
Cross-border presentation from SPSR 
12.30 14.00 Networking Lunch 
14.00 18.00 Keynote presentations 30 minutes + Q&A Ulmart Novard + Retail Rocket Multichannel solution KupiVIp Ozon LaModa
20.00 22.00 Could be dinner top of the Skyscraper

9.30 16.00 TVER logistic Hub + presentation of eTraction
18.00 22.00 Presentation of the Swiss Business HUB Swiss Embassy Dinner with Ambassador

Retail Business Russia Event Round Table on the Ticino Fashion Valley

Friday Yandex.ru Visit presentation for Fashion Brands + Lunch Cultural Visit 
20.50 23.25 Fly Back

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